-chi siamo

The S.I.E.M. e S. adds additional space for content outside of the main template area.

There are several options available for configuring the S.I.E.M. e S. feature, such as the toggle or whether it is fixed or slides into view.

The position is perfect for extra content or even full length advertisements.

-cosa dicono di noi

"Choose between two menu options: Dropdown Menu or Splitmenu; each with mobile support."

Dropdown Menu is a CSS based dropdown menu with advanced features such as multiple columns and inline module positions.

Splitmenu is a static menu choice with parent items in the header and children in the sidebar.


A powerful, multi-platform, core template framework, which is free and licensed under GPL.

One of Gantry's most notable feature is its custom user interface which provides an intuitive and user friendly configuration console.

A standardized set of features and capabilities are powered by Gantry.

Il consiglio Direttivo

Il Consiglio Direttivo della SIEMeS è stato eletto dall'Assemblea di giorno 6 Maggio 2017. 



Prof. Mario Lipoma



Prof. Francesco Casolo



Prof. Salvatore Pignato



Prof. Andrea Ceciliani

Prof. Ario Federici

Prof.ssa Francesca D'Elia 

Prof. Pietro Luigi Invernizzi

Prof. Riccardo Izzo

Prof. Gaetano Raiola

Prof.ssa Beate Weyland